About Us

Since 1993, Information Integrators, Inc. has been providing integration services to a diverse set of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 to small proprietary organizations. II is an innovative consulting services firm that recognizes the value of an organization's information assets. With substantial years of experience in systems technology, II understands how to leverage existing information components, to introduce next-generation eBusiness applications.

Management Team

Dave Trapp
As a founding principal of Information Integrators, Inc. , Dave is instrumental in discovering creative ways to tailor solutions to meet the unique demands of the clients. Our clients frequently utilize Dave's skills to 'bridge the gap'; creating state-of-the-art technical solutions that align with justified business value.

Dave has been a lead in technology planning and strategy functions within a Fortune 250 organization. Dave has broad experiences across various roles in professional, technical services, business development, product marketing and support, providing timely cost-effective solutions to our customers. He successfully lead efforts extending the reach and value of our clients' solutions to their Customers, Employees and Business Partners in a cost effective, Industry-compliant manner. Dave's broad exposure to fundamental architectural disciplines for all Enterprise Architecture domains (Business, Application, Information, Infrastructure and Security) aides the planning, design and development of technology systems.


Jeff Schneider
As a founding principal of Information Integrators, Inc., Jeff has over 25 years experience developing and managing information system projects. He's experienced with all facets of the system development life cycle from analysis/design to programming/testing, and project management. Over the last 8 years Jeff has managed key client engagements and serves as one of II's PMO leads specializing in web-based development projects. Jeff's versatility is evident through his conceptual aptitude, attention to detail, business acumen, and technical skills. Jeff has contributed to the growth and success of the consulting services business and manages key client engagements.


Michael Conneen
Since 1995, Michael has has focused his energies participating as a principal in the formation, growth, and prosperity of Information Integrators, Inc. as premiere consulting solutions vendor. Michael has been a Utility Industry Specialist, using OOA/OOD and MicrosoftTM .NET technologies melded with Enterprise Architect and various UML diagramming techniques as well as, an Enterprise Application Integration specialist, using OOA/OOD and JavaTM technologies. Starting as a programmer in 1981, he began coding financial systems in BASIC on the TRS-80 platform. This activity discovered his programming talents and certainly helped in attaining the 1983/1984 Stanley Schmidt Scholarship Award from DePaul University. While attaining a B.S. in Computer Science from DePaul, he won an internship position with (then) U.S. Steel Chicago Corporate offices.

Over the years Michael has developed his skills as a mainframe programmer coding in COBOL, a systems programmer writing Assembly and CLISTS/REXX utilities, a reengineering specialist using PC technologies to off-load mainframe development, a CASE consultant developing requirements statements, design statements and generating code, a UNIX/Oracle C/C++ consultant, an OOA/OOD specialist, a JavaTM application engineer, and a Web integration specialist. He truly has participated in every facet of the application development life cycle, and has consistently demonstrated his abilities to analyze, design, and implement appropriate business solutions.